What can you do with an hour?

I was Bombarded by emails when I got home tonight. I needed to sign up for notifications for three kids school classes 2nd, 4th, 6th.  I’m trying to be outgoing and get involved in my old age. As I fill out the website it asks me to create class in the tools. A virtual class!  Maybe it will help some kid learn something. The least I can do is spend an hour and try to create something of value. So in an hour I crate a possible club for the school, a Facebook page, a blog post, some business ideas, and a way to meet more people in my community.


  • Sign up for notifications about my kids school!
  • Think about an idea
  • Help kids at school
  • Create job training for kids and reinvest in my community
  • Created a Facebook page
  • Draft business idea
  • Create a blog post (THIS POST)