SQRW Batch Script

  Here is an example of the script I’m using to run an SQR using SQRW from a batch file. I’ve set all the paths I need and the SQR file path. When you set your Include paths make sure they have a trailing slash. Hope this helps someone as it took me a few […]

(SQR 4713) Cannot open the #INCLUDE file: ‘setenv.sqc’

-i Flag “Must” have a trailing slash. I have seen quite a few blog posts and issues on http://peoplesoft.ittoolbox.com/ but I never saw the resolution that solved my problem. With the -i flag I had my include directories missing the trailing slash. Once I put the trailing slash on my folder “c:\PT\sqr\” then I got […]

PeopleSoft Menu Nesting Issues with Google Chrome

Fixed: PSChrome browser extension implements a fix for this issue.  As many Google Chrome users are aware there is an issue with navigation nesting happening within PeopleSoft when using the current Google Chrome.  The issue is affecting tools versions 8.4x tools versions as far as I have been able to test.  The nesting menu issue […]

Run Application Engine from Command Line

I often run Application Engines from a batch script so that I can do rapid development and testing from my machine.  This enables me to avoid using PIA to run process and thus saving me time.  There is logic in this script to generate a new run control for each run so any previous failures […]

Unable to change PeopleTools Object in Application Designer

I was having some problems changing the PT_COMMON and PT_PAGESOUCE objects in Application Designer so I had to search out the solution which I only found on the oracle site.  I’m posting it here so other general Google searches will yield results.   Warning Message: XYZ is not an object that you are authorized to […]

SQR Trim Function

When having to repeatedly use RTrim() and LTrim() this might come in handy.  Since it is a procedure you have to run it instead of including inline. begin-procedure trim($v, :$v2) let $v2=RTrim( LTrim( $v, ‘ ‘ ), ‘ ‘ ) end-procedure do trim($startingValue, $trimmedValue)

PeopleCode Wildcard String Search

I was working on a project and I needed a wildcard text search.  After some searching I found there is a delivered yet unorthodox function for doing this.  It takes “%” as the search wildcard to doing soemthing like the below will allow you to use “*”.   &searchString = substitute( &searchString, “*”, “%” ); […]

Purge Message Logs for Daemon Processes

I had a recent issue where temp space kept running our due to message logs. I was continually running the purge process to get rid of message logs but I noticed it wasn’t deleting anything when I would run it after an Application Engine which I’d run from the command line (Daemon Mode). The issue […]

Modify Current Date Logic with Query API

I recently automated the running of over 100 queries and my client had a new requirement after all the queries had been finalized.  They had a new requirement that they needed to show data as of a specific date in the past.  Since all the queries used Effective date logic put in by PeopleSoft Query […]

PeopleSoft Query API Criteria Grouping

I ran into a fun issue today when using the PeopleCode Query API.  When using LParenLvl and RParenLvl you should use a numeric value say ‘2’ instead of ‘))’.  Even though you add ‘))’ in the PIA interface they convert that value into a integer by simply looking at the number of characters. &C = &S.AddCriteria(“JoinCriteria”); &C.LParenLvl = 2; […]

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